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Welcome to and the future online resource for Genuine Rattler motor scooters! The site is currently under construction and there is lots of new content to come. The Forums are currently active so stop by and see what people are talking about.

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Home Page

The Genuine homepage will be a place for Rattler fanatics to find news and information about what's new on the rest of the site.


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Show of your ride! Here's a place where you can submit photos of your bike, or anything you like actually.. Just nothing obscene please! Start by registering, get your activation e-mail and start uploading. You can also comment on and rate other peoples photos. Go there now >>


My collection of Genuine Rattler Videos


Find out the technical details about the scooter... I have a super secret complete maintanence guide which came directly from Genuine Scooter CO. I plan to post this but first need to investigate legal precautions.